Working Capital Program

Working Capital Program

Use your working capital for inventory, hiring new employees, equipment purchase and much more.

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What is this program best used for?

  • There is no restriction on the use of funds.
  • You can use working capital for inventory, hiring new employees, equipment purchase, new location expenses, marketing, etc.
  • This is revenue based financing – which means we can typically have you approved for 1-2x your average monthly revenue
  • You will be eligible for additional financing once you are 50% paid into the term.
Your Small Business - Working Capital Program

How do I qualify?

  • The business has to be open for at least 6 months with 4 months of business bank statements available for review.
  • There is a minimum personal credit score requirement of 500+ and $12,000+ in average monthly deposits.
  • It is ideal if there are no more than 7 overdrafts/negative days in the business checking account each month.

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How Long does it Take?

  • Your business will typically receive an approval within 24 hours of submitting your application and supporting documentation
  • Funding will take place the next day and your working capital proceeds will be disbursed via ACH or Wire Transfer into your business checking account!

What are The Rates?

  • The rates start as low as a 1.10 Factor Rate all the way up to a 1.40 Factor rate (we know it’s a big range but each application is unique)
  • Early payment discounts are built-in standard
  • Any interest you accrue is a write off when used for business expenses!

How do I start the Process?

Schedule a 15 minute strategy session to learn more about your goals and see if you are a great fit for this service!

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